As in any non-profit organization it is vital to have volunteers to fill small roles on each team to help the team's dynamic to run efficiently.  This helps to alleviate the demand on any one person to do it all.  Volunteers can make a world of a difference in the teams progression and development.

Team Manager

What is required of a team manager if I volunteer?

  1. Main communication contact between the team departmental personal and the coach

  • The team manager will be responsible for relaying information in regards to the team's events. (i.e. tournament date and times, venue, team building events).

  • The team manager will be the first line of communication in regards to itinerary details          (i.e hotel information)

  • Helps parents in organizing car pooling

  • Check in team rooms at the Hotel

   2. Organizing volunteers for each tournament

Every tournament will require volunteers to help officiate the matches, each match will require

  • scorekeepers

  • line judges (nationals only)

  • ball tosser (U13 and U14 only)

  • ball chaser (U13 and U14 only)

Every tournament each team requires to have a first aid kit present, mangers will need to assure the team is equipped with a first aid at every tournament

   3. Collecting and Maintaining team fund

  • Extra exhibition tournaments beyond the Alberta Premier tournaments. (many teams will participate in these tournaments to help prepare for their season)

  • Team food fund - collecting contributions for the food fund and keeping an accounting for monies spent

  • Team Building activities - acquiring the group rates and collecting fees from athletes, scheduling and keeping a head count on attendance. This will also include the team wrap up activities.

  • Season end gifts to coaches - it is customary for team to gift the coach for their work for the season, this will be at the discretion of each team

Team Manager's Benefits

Apex Volleyball team managers will play a pivotal role in the efficiency of the season, as part of the team staff our team managers will be provided the following;

- Team Gear (2019 season);

  •  Apex t-shirt

  •  Apex Hoodie

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