U18 Boys - Edge

U18 Boys - Edge

Thank you to all the athletes for their hard work and perseverance through the grueling tryout week.  We had an amazing show of talented athletes and each year the skills and talented performance of each athlete is to be admired.  

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Head Coach - A. Labelle

Andrew has been involved in the volleyball community in and around Calgary since 2003: formerly as a player, and now as a coach. He has coached a wide range of players aged 13-18; from the Dome Club program at the Volleydome, middle school teams, junior and senior varsity high school teams to the club level at 15U and 16U. Andrew’s background in Kinesiology and Human Kinetics allows him to assess and correct any inefficiencies in player movement, providing players with the tools to protect their bodies from injury. ToAndrew, the opportunity to share his passion for the sport while making his players reach their potential comes as a great honour.


“A coach need be but one thing: Willing. Willing to learn, willing to listen, willing to push and willing to go the extra mile for each of his players. It is then that he will be equipped to produce the best from his players” - Unknown


Assistant Coach - TBA

Coaches Bio coming soon...


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There is a new registration process and database with Volleyball Alberta this year so EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE REGISTERED AS A NEW MEMBER.  Please read this information circular from Volleyball Alberta and/or REGISTER HERE directly.

Volleyball Alberta wants to ensure that all athletes, coaches and administrators are covered under our insurance program (for both accident and liability coverage). Membership for the previous season expired on August 31, therefore it is MANDATORY that all Players, Coaches, and Club Staff become Volleyball Alberta members PRIOR to participating in tryouts. Clubs must have their coaches, board of directors, club directors, and any volunteers involved with tryouts registered prior to November 24.

Clubs DO NOT need to ask athlete’s for an NRS number, as that no longer exists, and the new Volleyball Registration System (VRS) does not currently have the identification number active. Please remind athletes that they need to be registered recreational players in the VRS prior to attending your tryout. We also ask clubs to update their websites and tryout information with the VRS Registration Guide (which can be found in this section under 'Downloads'), as there is still a lot of club information directing users to the old NRS system to complete their registration.

Athletes TRYING OUT  for a club team will be required to enrol as a member in the new Volleyball Registration System (VRS), visit the Registration Guide to help you register. All players trying out will be required to register as a recreation player prior to tryouts, and pay a non-refundable fee of $8.25 ($5 VA plus $3 Volleyball Canada fee + GST) for a RECREATIONAL PLAYER ROLE. *You must select “NO” when asked if you are a returning player/coach/Referee/Volunteer because the VRS system is new*

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