"We believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in uplifting and encouraging our youth
to find passion in the game".
The way we challenge the status quo is by having coaches
that take a personal interest in the development of the each athlete.

Calgary Volleyball Premier League is aimed at providing a new platform to enhance the skill sets of athletes looking to move to the next level.  Calgary Volleyball League is a local high performance league with no special invitation or tryouts, experience with game systems, positioning, and basic volleyball mechanics via school or club volleyball will be required. The Volleyball Youth Premier League is a community league aimed at development and progress.  Our goal is to instil the same passion for the game as a lifelong sport.

The league is for players aged 9 - 16yrs focused on working with athletes to improve and develop their skills to give them the competitive edge.  The league will consist of one practice day per week and one game day per week, teams will be working alongside technical club coaches.

- The program will run from September 14th to November 25th (last 2 weekends will be playoff tournament days.

-  Players can register for their desired groups according to the age category.

- Players can register based on their evaluation of skills from tier 1 - 2 

(Please see definition below)

- Each team will be placed into 2 different tiers within their age category/group.

- Teams will compete each week within their tiers (modified competition games of 3s for ages 9-12)

- Players will be provided with a Premier League Team Jersey

Youth Volleyball League Groups (Jan - Apr)


For each age category we will be running 2 different practice time slots 

Tier 1 - Athletes have had club experience and or school experience. Higher volleyball IQ and volleyball skills.  Moderate to High ball control, and knowledge of volleyball rotations. (Competitive)

Tier 2 - Athletes have had school experience, know basic volleyball rotation and moderate ball control. (Intermediate)

Tier 3 - Beginners, athletes are interested in getting started and or has some volleyball experience with the goal of developing their skills to compete at a higher level.

Q& A

Q. - How do I know what time my athlete has practice

A. - You may choose the tier on which you would like your athletes to participate,

Q. - Will practice days stay the same if I registered on a specific day and group.

A. - Yes if you registered your athlete with the Thursday group they will practice Thursday all season. 

Q. - Are the teams set for the seasons?

A. - Teams for the most part will be set with some flexibility for movement, as the season progresses and players development start to take form we may shuffle a couple of players around to allow for advancement, however we will keep the core team together to allow the athletes to develop some familiarity and relationships.

Q. - Can my athlete be on the same team as a friend

A. - We will take relationships into account, however ultimately our goal is to allow athletes to train with players with the same skill set and experience.








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Winter League - January 21 - April 06
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